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Another EQ

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Apr. 2nd, 2006 | 03:33 am
posted by: gweneth_syeira in iammarysue

I think this is from the series that was put in a 'zine for MW.

Yeah. Full series:

I. Doppelganger (28 pgs)
II. Shadows of Death (24 pgs)
III. How Sweet It Once Was (10 pgs)
IV. Forever and For Always (WIP)


I. Is the ultimate x-over Mary Sue. My character V meets up with EQ. Gets Mickey into trouble.

II. Hrm. Forgot what went on in this one.

III. Mickey gets injured badly...and yeah. V "helps"

IV. Never cont/finish/really started it because of FOE/CRG/and school drama

How Sweet It Once Was
By "The Howling Wolf"

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Characters of the Equalizer. They belong to their respectful owner.
Author's Notes: It would be helpful if you read the previous stories, 'Doppelganger' and 'Shadows of Death' prior to this.

It had been two years, three months, eighteen days, and five hours since the incident with Va'Shanna and Victor. Since he had been bitten…since his whole belief in a lot of things had changed. Not that he'd ever let it show. He had continued with his work within The Company, and he had finally gotten used to the sudden hearing and sight enhancement. In fact, there were a lot of times when it had come in handy for several missions.

Mickey stepped out of the shower, clad only in a bathtowel that was wrapped around his waist. He moved into his bedroom to get dressed. After he slipped into blue jeans, and a dark blue collared shirt, he glanced over at the photo that sat on the small table next to his bed. It was a picture of a woman. But not just any woman, it was Emma Romero. They had been seeing each other for almost two years now and he was seriously thinking of asking her to marry him.

He smiled inwardly as he thought of the first time they had met. He had been on a mission in South America and he had been assigned to work with someone from Bureau 17. Bureau 17 was an organization similar to The Company, only it was in South America and not in New York. Mickey thought that with his luck that he would've been paired up with some rookie or idiot. It turned out that he was paired up with Emma Romero, one of their best agents.

Kostmayer had liked her from the start. She was well trained, not too cocky, and didn't take crap. Best of all, she could actually taken care of herself! She was a woman ready for battle anywhere or anytime, something he had liked very much. It had been a long time since he met a woman like that. But Ginger Brock didn't count. No, his feelings towards Emma were completely different from the feelings Brock had inspired within him.

The mission had turned out to be a long one and he had spent more time with Romero than he expected he would. Afterwards, when he'd had to go back to New York, Emma told him that she was moving to the same state in a few weeks after she'd received clearance. At the time, he didn't understand why, but when she told him that she was resigning because she was tired of the bs, the picture was clearer. And then, when she had moved, they had spent a *lot* of time together.

Shaking his head slightly, he glanced over at the clock. It was half past noon. He was supposed to meet McCall, Control, and Emma for dinner, which was at 6:35 P.M. So, he had plenty of time to do whatever he wanted. Since he wasn't busy with any work with The Company at the moment, he decided he could go over and pay Emma a visit.

* * *

Mickey pounded on her door and waited for an answer. He ran a hand through his light brown hair as he waited. The door slowly opened as a slender woman with dark auburn hair and brown eyes stood behind it.

"Mickey!" She seemed surprised. "What brings you to my door?"

"Ah, the usual…" He smiled at her as she stepped back, opening the door wider so he could enter. He walked in and she shut the door behind him. She was dressed in black jeans and a short-sleeve maroon shirt.

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"Got a beer?"

"I always got a beer with you buzzing around." She smiled at him, then moved into the kitchen. Mickey followed her. Closing the fridge door with her foot, she handed him the bottle, at the same time her fingers lingered longer than necessary on his hand.

Clearing her throat slightly, she said, "So, since you're here, what do you wanna do?"

Wickedly, he grinned at her. "Oh, I could suggest a few possibilities…" his voice trailed off.

Emma moved closer to him. "Oh?"


"Tell me."

"It's more of show than tell," he informed her, his voice slightly husky. His hand put the beer down as their lips suddenly locked in a deep kiss. Emma jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his slim waist. Mickey never broke contact as he stumbled into her bedroom.

* * *

McCall and Control sat at O'Phelan's, as they waited on the young agent and his lady friend. In the meantime, they talked over a few glasses of scotch. A few minutes later, the tall, auburn tressed woman entered, followed by Mickey. They moved over to the two gentlemen.

Robert, who was well aware of Mickey and Emma's relationship, was happy to know that Mickey had finally found someone. The retired Company agent thought that maybe she would be the woman to get Kostmayer to settle down. Now there was a mission all on its own, he mused to himself.

"Hey McCall," Mickey greeted, sitting down. He nodded to Control as Emma smiled at the two and sat down across from Mickey.

"Hello Mickey, Emma."

After they had ordered, Mickey looked across the table, watching Emma. Even after two whole years, in public they acted no more than close friends. They wanted to keep their private life, well, private. And since he was still in The Company, he didn't want to chance that any of his enemies knew how much he actually cared for her.

When dinner was over, the bill taken care of, small talk had been enjoyed, it was around nine thirty.

"Well," Emma began, "it was nice seeing you two again; McCall, Control. Dinner was wonderful. But I need to get going." She stood up, smiling at the three men, and turned to leave.

Kostmayer stood up. "Later McCall." Again, he nodded to Control before he followed Emma to the door.

Control looked at Robert. "You know old son, that woman is going to be the death of him," he said, bringing his glass of scotch to his lips.

McCall chuckled as drained the rest of the contents of the glass.

* * *

Mickey led Emma into his apartment, smiling inwardly. He was sure she wouldn't expect what he was going to give her, much less say to her. Over dinner, he had finally made a decision. He did love her and he didn't want to lose her. It had been a long time since he had done what he was about to do in a few moments…

"Okay Mickey, you're up to something. I can smell it."

"Little ol' me? Nah. Never." He smiled innocently at her. *Too* innocently, but it made him look adorable.

"Yes, little ol' you." She closed the distance between them. "So, what is it?"

"You *really* wanna know?"

"Yeah." She smiled at him.

"Really, really sure?"


Mickey took her hand and led her over to the couch. Taking a deep breath and slowly releasing it, he bent down to one knee. He pulled out a small purple velvet box and opened it before looking into Emma's brown eyes.

Okay…here I go. "Emma Romero, will you marry me?"

A huge catlike smile engulfed her face as her hand reached out to the diamond ring. Mickey found himself holding his breath as she slid it onto her finger. In a soft voice, she said, "Yes."

He smiled as he rose. Emma threw her arms around his neck. "I love you," she mumbled in his shoulder, hugging him tightly.

"Love you too," Mickey promised as she pulled her head back enough to kiss him hungrily. He twirled her a bit after he picked her up in his arms.

After a few seconds, he carried her into the bedroom to show her exactly how much he loved her.

* * *

// One Month Later… //

Her hand reached to the lever and pulled it down, flushing the toilet. She had felt so miserable the last few days. Slowly, she moved over to the sink and ran the water. She soaked a washcloth and cleaned her mouth. Her other hand grabbed the bathroom cup and filled it halfway with water, so she could get the nasty taste of vomit out of her mouth.

Letting out a sigh, she glanced at the calendar in her bathroom. She let out a low sigh, realizing she was late. No. What would Mickey say? Stop it Emma. Don't jump to conclusions. Breathe.

She opened the door after she turned off the water, only to be faced with a very concerned Mickey. She didn't doubt he had heard her.

"You okay?" he asked softly.

"Always." She forced a smile to reassure him. Or at least, tried to. Mickey wasn't that gullible. He *knew* something was wrong. But he didn't want to push her, at least not at the moment. He put his arm around her shoulders.

"Leaving soon?" she asked, noticing that he was half dressed in jeans and shoes.

He nodded. "Yeah. Control wants me to do some watching."

She nodded in turn as Mickey released his hold on her slowly. He pulled on a black T-shirt and tucked it into his pants.

"When d'ya think you'll be back?"

"Hopefully, soon. But knowing Control…"

Emma smiled. "Yeah. Well, make sure you're not gone for too long. I have plans for you tonight."

His eyes lit up a bit too much, in Emma's opinion. She could have sworn she saw the gears turning, as several thoughts sped through his mind, and she shook her head at him. "You should go before you're late."

He kissed her softly. "Sure you'll be okay?"


"See ya later."

"Yep." She watched him leave before turning towards the phone. Romero didn't like the fact that not only was she late, but that she was having morning sickness. So, to take care of the problem, she called her doctor.

* * *

Mickey sat in one of the Company's vans with binoculars. Currently, he was watching the apartment of a drug lord called Zane. What kind of name 'Zane' was, he didn't know, but he was sure this Zane character wasn't all that bright. Then again, if he was dealing drugs, what else did he expect?

He stifled a yawn. All he had to do was watch and wait to see if the idiot came out of his apartment, follow him, and take pictures of his dealings. Seeing that one of the lenses was a bit dirty, he lowered the binoculars and cleaned the lens.

A quarter of an hour, give or take a few minutes, had passed before his saw his man walk out of a building and wander down the street. Mickey smiled slightly. "About time you sleaze bag…" he said as he started to tail Zane.

* * *

As he was busy with Zane, Emma waited in the waiting room at the doctor's office. She smiled slightly as she looked at her ring that Mickey had given her a month ago. The discussion of the plans for when the wedding would be came back to her. Emma had, somehow, talked Kostmayer into marrying on Halloween night.

Hearing someone call her name tore her out of her thoughts as she stood up and followed the woman into a back room. As usual, she was asked questions.

Emma blinked. "What?!"

"You're pregnant, Ms. Romero, congratulations." The doctor smiled warmly at her.

"Pregnant?" she asked. "How long ... how many?"

"I would say about five weeks."

She blanched a bit and as the doctor asked if she was all right, she assured him she was fine, when she really wasn't. A million thoughts raced through her mind. What would Mickey say? What would he think? It's Mickey, he's not a prick like other guys. He'll understand…hopefully. Emma had a lot of things to think over as she drove home.

* * *

Mickey whistled to himself as he walked out of The Company's building. He had to drop off the photos for Control before he was somewhat free for the rest of the night. After he climbed into his car, he drove home.

How did I let her talk me into marrying on Halloween night? he thought to himself, shaking his head slightly.

Before he knew it, he had parked his car into a parking spot, which led to his apartment. Whistling to himself, he took his keys out of the ignition and departed the car. He felt good tonight, not even seeing Control had shattered that. Mickey couldn't explain his sudden good feeling, but he shrugged it off. It was always better to be happy than sad or angry, he supposed.

After he had let himself in, he closed the door and threw his keys on the table before making his way towards the answering machine. To his disappointment, there was nothing too important. Not even from Emma!

With a moment's thought, he wandered into the living room, sat on the sofa, and picked up the phone to dial her number. As it rang and he waited for her to pick up, he stared idly at a spot on the wall. Then he got something.

"Yeah, Emma? It's Mickey." A pause. "Hey."

"Hey yourself. How're you doing tonight?"

"So-so, you?"

There was a slight pause on the phone, then, "Ehh…I'm okay, thanks."


A slight silence hung over the phone. Slowly, Emma said, "So…what are you doing, say, Tuesday night?"

"This week?"


"Nothing. At least right now that's how it is. Why?"

"Just wonderin'…"

"Why are you just wondering?"

"Let's just say we have something to discuss before Halloween."

Her tone was, to him, mixed with all sorts of emotions. "Is everything okay?"

Not really…she thought silently. Out loud, she said, "Y-yeah. Of course. I'm always okay Michael Kostmayer. Hey, um…I gotta do some running. Talk later?"

"Sure…take care, huh?"

"Always." The line went dead.

Mickey's eyes narrowed slightly as he slowly hung up. Something wasn't right, it sounded as if something was bothering her terribly. Was she having second thoughts? He played with his lower lip.

When the phone rang, he was already in so deep of thought that he nearly jumped out of his skin. Growling to himself, he picked it up. "'lo?"


"McCall? What's up?"

"I need your assistance. Are you busy?"

No, I just got it. Why would I be busy? "Nah, I'm good. What do you need solved?"

"I'll tell you after you're here."

"K. Later."

* * *

The case Robert had drawn Mickey into turned out to last for at least three days. They had to help a teenage girl who's brother was in dirty business, and for his mistake, the family paid for it. Besides the girl bugging him and being kidnapped, it wasn't at all that bad. There were no missions for him, so the week passed slowly. He tried getting in contact with Emma, but he couldn't get a hold of her. Which was why when Tuesday the 23rd of October had rolled around, he was more than eager to see her.

She had left a message on his answering machine for him to meet her at O'Phelan's for dinner. After showering and shaving, he left, clad in his usual tight jeans, black T-shirt, and a Navy, black pea coat.

The drive over there was uneventful. As he walked up to the restaurant, he looked around. It was just a tad bit too quiet. Arching an eyebrow, he glancing behind him, and when he looked forward again, a young man barely twenty-seven, ran into him. He kept his balance while the man continued running. Brushing himself off, he picked up his pace to Pete's. Suddenly, a full-size GM black van sped across, a wave of bullets flying into the streets. Mickey grunted, feeling the impact lodge into his chest, then his thigh, taking him down. He fell heavily as people scattered the streets, running for cover.

The world spun as he fought for air. Bullets still, briefly, danced by him, but the sound was slowly fading. He heard a woman's voice—Emma?—as he continued to lie there, bleeding to death. Before he blacked out, he saw her breath taking face, a face that spoke volumes of fear for him.

"Mickey?" she called out to him. "Mickey?!"

But he didn't respond; his eyes rolled shut. She looked around frantically as Pete came out of the bar. "CALL AN AMBULANCE!"

It seemed like forever until an ambulance came onto the scene. Mickey wasn't looking good at all; he was awfully pale and went into shock. When they got to the hospital, he went into cardiac arrest. Emma, being stopped at a certain point, called McCall.

Twenty minutes had passed before Robert entered the hospital, walking briskly. Emma was in the waiting room, very quiet and distant. Perhaps even pale looking. Glancing around the room more, he saw Pete next to her and Control was in the corner, rubbing his eyes. He thought he'd entered unnoticed, but apparently, he didn't; Control looked up at him. By the look on Control's face, McCall feared the worst. Was he dead? No, Kostmayer was stronger than that.

Slowly, and regretfully, he asked, "How is…?"

His old time friend shook his head sadly. "I'm sorry old gun," Control said gravely. "He went into arrest shortly after arriving here…they couldn't get him stabilized."

McCall closed his eyes as he eased himself into a nearby chair. Not Mickey! The English man felt numb in every fiber of his being. He worried that Mickey died believing he was alone or dying thinking something happen to Emma; she did have blood smeared on her clothing. Probably his blood, he figured sadly.

It seemed like months before anyone moved. He looked to Emma, and though her eyes were watery, no tears were yet shed. It was such a pity for both of them. Mickey had found a woman that he liked and someone ruined it.

Control had made his way over to McCall. Quietly, he mumbled, "You'll be all right, old gun?" That was a dumb question, and he knew it. No one was all right. An important and close comrade had fallen.

Robert, feeling stiff now, nodded. "Eventually…though I'm not sure about Emma."

Control glanced at her and nodded slowly. He knew that next to Robert, she wasn't feeling the best either. Both knew there would be a possibility of Mickey dying in the field, but it so blasted unusual dying by something that had nothing to do with The Company.

Silently, the group departed the hospital.

* * *

The funeral was held two days later. Ginger, Sterno, Jimmy, Father Nick, Scott, and Control were there along with Robert and Emma. A friend of Father Kostmayer's offered to do the last rites, and for that, Nicholas was grateful. Robert stood next to his son; Ginger stood by Emma and Nick as Control stood between Sterno and Jimmy.

The casket lowered into the ground and Emma's eyes closed tightly as tears escaped her eyes. Ginger put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

After the last rites were given, silence hung in the air as dirt was thrown into the big hole holding the casket. No one was really sure what to say, but then again, was there really anything to say?

Shortly after the funeral was over, and the gravediggers started to fill the whole, all but Robert and Emma started to leave. McCall, after staring at the gravestone that read:

Michael Kostmayer
Beloved Brother, Friend, and Lover
Will Never Be Forgotten

"Can't believe he's gone," Emma whispered, as the wind blow around her hair.

McCall nodded mutely, and glancing over at her, he decided he should get her out of there. "Come on, let's go." He put a comforting arm around her shoulders and together they exited the graveyard, both still not wanting to believe that Kostmayer was really gone…

The next night, the graveyard was deserted by twilight. The grave of Mickey Kostmayer was undisturbed, though there were roses and flowers resting neatly on top of the newly laid grass. Well, neatly until a hand punched through the ground followed by the other hand.

A distant figure, watching this, murmured softly, "He's awake…"


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