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Mary Sue LOVE

I am perfect, most bestest eva!

Mary Sue - A Cure For The MS in us all
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I Am Mary Sue

Yes boys, that's right. In every and any fandom, I am there to save the day in every single genre you can think of. Nick Knight? I'm his baby girl. Captain Archer? He's my uncle. Oh, and Han Solo is my lover, because he and Leia had a split once.

Yes, everyone hates me. I even hate myself, but there's one of me EVERYWHERE, even in your own core!

So please, post your own Mary Sue versions, Marty Stuarts, for any genre!

(Any genre for TV, Movie, Book, or even original works! Aunt Sue wants YOU!

Helpful Links As To What My Awesomeness is:
- http://www.subreality.com/marysue/explain.htm
- http://missy.reimer.com/library/marysue.html
- http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/otto/grayswandir/mary-sue-test.html