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Apr. 2nd, 2006 | 04:34 am
posted by: gweneth_syeira in iammarysue

When Tomorrow Comes

4th Chapter in the V/EQ Chronicles.

Cold hazel eyes fluttered opened as he rattled out a hard breath of air. Trying to move, he discovered that he was in narrowed spacing, barely enough to even twitch his feet. Complete darkness surrounded him and fear/panicked struck him. He started slamming and pounding against the barrier above him. He hated the fear he felt right now. He hardly ever felt fear such as this.

"Let me…out!" he yelled frustrated, and was shocked he had to draw a new breath of air in each time. How odd.

His pounding turned into punching, punching turned into clawing against thick wood. He felt blood start to flow from his hands and he was amazed how well he could smell it, making his stomach overturn as if it made him hungry.

After what seemed like eternity, he broke through, his hands clawing at the grass and he struggled to pull himself out. He rolled on the grass, and lied on his back, looking at the stars. A terrible coldness covered him as he stared at the moonlit sky.

Slowly, painfully, he moved into a sitting position and looked sideways at where he crawled out from. His eyes hardened, seeing the headstone. What the…no way. He stared at the engraved letters: Michael Kostmayer: Beloved fiancé, friend, and brother. 1952-1990. What sort of sick joke was this?

He wrapped his arms around himself, groaning, trying to piece together his memory. Why in the world was he in a graveyard? Looking down at himself, he wondered why in the world he was dressed in his black turtleneck, blazer, and black pants. He wasn't dead…right? No. If he was dead, he wouldn't be looking at this, would he? He tried reasoning with himself that something odd was going on, and he needed to get out of this forsaken place.

Struggling, he found his feet and started moving out of the graveyard, putting his hands under his armpits. As he moved, sharp and deep pains bellowed from within, craving something…something only he could describe as unnatural. Ah! Yes! Now he remembered what happened, slowly. He was on his way to dine with Emma…but something went wrong. Terribly wrong. He heard a woman scream…then nothing.

Mickey frowned. This wasn't good.

Without really noticing, he started walking in one direction, keeping away from the lit streets. A few cars went by him and he thought his eardrums would've shattered. It didn't look like night to him, it looked too colourful. He started wondering why his eyesight seemed to be even better than it was only a few nights ago.

Soon he stopped, looking at a door. He squinted his eyes and shook his head slightly as he glanced around. He recognized this place. What am I doing here?!

The door opened and a woman was behind it. Distinguishing crystal blue eyes mixed with hazel greeted him, with an elfish face, and dark red hair that was pulled back in a braid.

"Mickey," she spoke softly, and stepped out taking his hand. "Come in, quickly."

He started to refuse, but before he knew it, he was inside. Glancing around briefly, his eyes rested on her. "What is going on?"

She looked at his bloodied hands and frowned. "You don't remember…do you?"

Mickey stared at her and admitted, "Unfortunately…but you can start filling me in, starting with why my senses are off *again*." He glared slightly at her as she led him into her kitchen. She wetted a washcloth, then tended to his knuckles. When she cleared up all the blood, he was shocked to find no wounds.

"I think we better sit and talk," she advised.

The two settled in the living room. Silence lingered about for a few minutes before she cleared her throat.

"Three nights ago you…you had an unfortunate accident. I heard from Robert that you were meeting with your fiancé at a restaurant. You were…shot down. You never made it to the hospital for them to even try to revive you.”

Mickey just stared at her. “You’re telling me I’m alive…but as a vampire?! You’re nuts.”

She looked downwards. “Mickey…remember the time with Victor? When my throat was sliced open?”

He started to shiver as he nodded. “I believe some of my blood got into your system, which kept you from the true death.”

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